Why We Love Drew Barrymore


(Original story published on Monday January 20th, 2014 on

We’re not sure if our love for Drew Barrymore began when she starred as that loveable Josie Grossie, or way back when she befriended an extraterrestrial. All we know is our girl crush is only getting stronger.

Not only is the actress and director a new wife and mom, but she also has her own wine and cosmetic line, is Refinery 29′s Editor-at-Large, has a photography book out this month, oh, and has her second baby on the way. The worst part? You can’t even hate her because she’s just too darn nice. Here are ten reasons why you too should be crushin’ on Drew.

Learn more about Barrymore Wines | View her Egg Sandwich Recipe on Refinery29| Order her book, “Find It in Everything” | Watch the trailer for Blended | View her cosmetic line, Flower Beauty

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