Valentine’s Day for the Single Ladies

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Maybe some handsome chap just broke your heart, maybe you just dumped the jerk, or maybe you haven’t been in a relationship since Miley Cyrus was as innocent as Hannah Montana. No matter what your relationship status may be, we think this Valentine’s Day calls for a fun night in with your fellow single lady friends.

Although you may not be into the whole boyfriend bonfire thing (Friends, anyone?), a cozy night spent gossiping with your besties (and an abundant supply of comfort food, of course) sounds pretty good to us.

Whether you’re a Valentine’s lover or loather, we’ve rounded up a few essentials that will get you in the holiday spirit, ensure you have a good time and help you forget about that horrible ex of yours. So pick up your no-boyfriend pint glass and let’s cheers to spending the day of love with the ones who matter most.

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