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From the relentless crying baby behind you to the armrest hoggers on both sides of you, plane rides always seem to test our patience. Perhaps it’s due to our lack of sleep or maybe it’s a mild case of claustrophobia, but there are always those great annoyances on airplanes that not even the imminence of a getaway can ease.

We may not be able to stop the baby from wailing or the hoggers from hogging, but we can make sure you have the little things that will make your trip easier. From comfy layers to carry-on must-haves, here’s everything you need to make your flight as pain-free as possible.

Now, here’s hoping your seat’s next to that cute guy.

1. Madewell Inlet Cardigan in Colorblock, US $72 | 2. J.Crew Punk Floral Pendant Necklace, US $90 | 3. J.Crew Japanese Selvedge Chambray Shirt, US $114 | 4. Warby Parker Kimball Eyeglasses, $95 | 5. Little Burgundy Converse Kalote Sneakers, $55 | 6. Coach Madison North/South Tote in Leather, $358 | 7. Kate Spade The Portrait of a Lady Mini iPad Folio, US $65 | 8. Daniel Wellington Classic Sheffield Lady, US $199 | 9. Zara Neoprene Leggings with Zips, $55 | 10. Kind Snacks Peanut Butter Dark Chocolate + Protein Snack Bar, US $2 each | 11. The Body Shop Mini Absinthe Purifying Hand Cream, $5 | 12. Kate Spade Bon Voyage Passport Holder, US $98 | 13. Indigo Frends Taylor Headphones – Gold & White, $199

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