Three Ways to Dress for an Air-Conditioned Office


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Every job has its own challenges, but most jobs have one challenge in common: How to dress professional in the sticky, sweaty summer heat…while still being warm enough for the Antarctic-like temperature indoors? We mean, seriously, the drastic change of temperature from the sunny streets to our desks is one heck of a shock to our bods, let alone our wardrobes.


Because we have a feeling you’re going through the same clothing conundrums (unless you have one of those offices with nothing but a sorry-looking mechanical fan, then, we feel for you, really, we really do) we’ve put together three different ways to dress for 30°C and 10°C at the same time.


From breezy separates to just the right layers, copy these looks for a surefire way to make it through the season without heat stroke…or a cold.


Shop our picks:
1. Madewell Duskfall Blazer, US $168 | 2. Wilfred Sevres Blouse, $95 |  3. Zara Printed Crop Trousers, $60 | 4. Zara Leather Stiletto Shoes, $100 | 5. Topshop Fine Gauge Pointelle Sweater, $64 | 6. J.Crew Collection Raffia Shells Skirt, US $188 | 7. J.Crew Bell Tassel Pendant Necklace, US $70 | 8. Dolce Vita Oaklee, US $80 | 9. Joe Fresh Deep V-Neck Cardigan, $39 | 10. Ted Baker Shiny Lavanta Suit Skirt, $219 | 11. Babaton Ainsley Blouse, $110 | 12. Schutz Floralite Pumps, $227.


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