The Bridal Beauty Timeline

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Any bride (or bridesmaid!) will tell you when prepping for a wedding there are hidden tasks, challenges and decisions behind every corner. From choosing the perfect theme, decor and bridal party, to finding the right venue, dress and MC, weddings can be a tad overwhelming, to say the least…and we haven’t even gotten to the most important aspect yet: bridal beauty.
If there’s ever a time to roll your eyes at the simplicity of manhood, it’s now. Because we hate to break it to you, but in order to look and feel your best on your wedding day, you have about eight months of work to put in. We mean, think about it: You have your exercise plan to put into place, and your hair and makeup to decide on, to start. Not to mention the long list of month-before beauty to-dos.
But don’t freak out! We’re here to help make the process as painless as possible (waxing excluded). To ensure you’re fully prepared for the big day, check out our 8-month, 12-step guide.

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