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Sure, your phone may not help with your procrastination issues (thank you Instagram, Candy Crush, Tinder, etc.) but that doesn’t mean it needs to waste all of your time and money.

We’ve uncovered 20 apps that were made to help you save your hard-earned cash and spend it wisely. Here are 20 apps you need to know about now…


1. Mint
Money is for Living,” so Mint’s philosophy goes. This popularmoney-saving app allows you to add your chequing, banking, retirement, and investment accounts to the app, so you can clearly and visually view all your transactions wherever you are. It creates a financial plan for you to promote a positive, healthy lifestyle, complete with alerts and reminders of bills, payments and due dates.

2. Venmo
Say goodbye to having to nag your friends for your IOUs, and say hello to Venmo. This coolapp was created to avoid those awkward money convos, as it allowed you to pay and receive depts straight from the bank. You can charge friends for what they owe, and get paid instantly, simply by connecting the app to your chequing account or debit card. Need another reason to download the app? It’s free!

3. Grocery Pal
Coupons are great, but who has time to find, cut and use them? For those of us who like to savemoney but aren’t up to Extreme Couponer-status, there’s Grocery Pal. Just make a shopping list on your phone and this amazing app will point you toward weekly sales at grocery stores in your area.

4. Gasbuddy
Make sure you’re not paying top dollar for gas in your area with GasBuddy. This handy appmonitors prices at stations around the country and reports on where you can find the cheapest gas in your area.

5. Daily Gobble
Traveling to New York or San Francisco? You’ll need to download Daily Gobble. It’s anapp that gives you a discount at great restaurants in the two cities, with no need to pull out an embarrassing coupon. Just save your receipt, upload a picture to the app, and Daily Gobble will refund you the amount through PayPal in a few hours.

6. Hotel Tonight
Going on a last-minute escape? Use Hotel Tonight to find a list of same-day reservations. Since the rooms would have been otherwise empty, the hotels offer great deals on any available rooms on the day-of. Plus, they allow booking up until 2am.

7. Key Ring
Never leave home without your discount and loyalty cards again, by keeping them all in one place: on the convenient app, Key Ring.

8. LearnVest
Originally designed just for women, LearnVest offers convenient personalized financial planning. Upon signing up, you’ll be paired with a certified financial planner who will review your financial history and work directly with you to meet all your financial goals. The plans start at $89 down, and $19/month for ongoing support, but it is certainly an investment that should be considered.

9. Checkout 51
Think of it as reverse couponing. Instead of clipping coupons, Checkout 51 gets you to upload a photo of your receipt after an in-store purchase, and if it matches one of the discounts they’re offering, you’ll get money back!

10. PayPal
Not only does PayPal let you pay for restaurant meals with your phone, it also offers discounts to many places. Just log into your account, hit the “Local” tab, and view a list of where you can use PayPal in your area, as well as what discounts are available.

11. Level
Level acts like a financial GPS, showing you where you currently stand financially, and where you want to be. It assists you in making spending decisions as the app can let you know how much you can safely spend on any given day, week or month.

12. Dog Vacay
No need to spend a lot on that fancy dog sitter. Dog-Vacay will help you pair your best furry friend with a reliable dog-sitter in the area, for considerably less than you’d pay at the kennel.

13. TodayTix
Of course, we all love going to the theatre but it’s not so convenient. For one, it’s expensive, and two, you have to book far in advance. Well, TodayTix offers great discounts on Broadway and off-Broadway tickets the day of the show. Tickets can be as low as $19 and can be booked up to seven days in advance.

14. Coupon Sherpa
Into couponing? Well, there’s no longer a need to carry around that hefty handful of clippings. Coupon Sherpa is a collection of local coupons for restaurants, supermarkets and retail stores. All you have to do is browse the available coupons by location, and use them right off your phone.

15. Honey
This handy app for your computer will help you be the smartest online shopper you can be. It’s an extension that plugs into the checkout pages on sites like Amazon and automatically looks for discount codes to apply to your order, to ensure you get the best deals available.

16. Tab
Dining out with friends is always a great time, but when it comes to splitting the bill? A fun night can easily turn into a stressful situation. To ensure that friend who only ordered a saladdoesn’t get slammed paying the same amount as the friend who ordered a three-course meal, there’s Tab. This genius apptakes a photo of the bill, itemizes everything, and allows friends to tap on the items ordered or shared, and add in tax and tip to accurately figure out what everyone owes.

17. Simple
This simple app is an online-only bank that allows you to deposit cheques digitally, move money between banks and also find the closest free ATM machine. You can also set up to have money automatically stashed into a savings account for all the fun purchases you’re working towards.

18. Thanx

Being a regular at that local burger point can have it’s perks. Thanx is an app that connects with your credit card to keep track of purchases make with specific retailers. When you reach certain thresholds, you’ll get cash back that can be used at your favourite spot.

19. Plex
Binge-watchers, beware. Thisapp could be dangerous. Plex allows you to stream all your personal media from a network-attached storage drive to yourTV. It essentially turns your digital database of TV shows,movies and music into your own personal Netflix.

20. F.Lux
F.Lux is an app that will improve your sleep, thereby improving your work life. It’s a free softwarethat warms and cools your computer monitor lighting, depending on the time of day. Blue screen glow can impair your sleep, so F.Lux allows you to customize the level or yellow-ness while you’re working or just watching Netflix, which has been proven to help you sleep better at night.

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