Five Makeup Tricks to Hide Your Hangover


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We’ll point the finger at the friend who encouraged a third glass of wine with dinner, or the bartender who was too generous with his vodka-to-soda ratio. Whatever (whoever?) the reason may be for getting a little too cocktail-happy during a night on the town, we’ve accepted that it just happens sometimes. Bring on the unattractive consequences. Ideally, we’d spend a day post-party in the most cliché way possible: in bed with a big bag of greasy fast food and Netflix. Unfortunately, our schedules are too packed with brunches, errands, and of course, work, to allow ourselves a day of lounging around—especially during the week.

Instead, we need act like the grown-ups we are, wipe that hungover gaze from our faces and carry on with our commitments. But how do you fake being in prime condition while battling blotchy skin, glossy eyes and an overall look of near-death dehydration? We’re highlighting five products to add to your beauty regimen that’ll help keep your night of partying between you and your friends (and maybe your Instagram followers).

Disguise Tool #1: Blue Eye Drops
Aside from the smell of alcohol seeping out of your pores, the one thing that can reveal a night of too much fun is your eyes. From the redness to the glossiness, they suck at keeping your hangover hush hush. The fix? Blue eye drops are a celebrity makeup artist secret for relieving redness, making you look awake and lively. Opt for one rich in natural plant extracts, as it will soothe the eye while offering a sparkling effect.
Innoxa Blue Drops 10ml ($47,

Disguise Tool #2: Rose Toner
Whether you remembered to wash off your makeup or not, chances are you’re going to wake up after a night of boozing with a blotchy, dry face. For that, you need a few spritzes of a soothing, hydrating toner to prep your skin before applying your typical face cream. Toners remove impurities, clarify the complexion and reveal healthy-looking skin. So, they’re pretty much a necessity for concealing your under-the-weather state. Choose a toner with the calming aroma of roses, which is a natural restorative that will help enhance your irritable mood.
Fresh Rose Floral Toner ($47,

Disguise Tool #3: Cooling Eye Cream
We bet you didn’t get a good night’s sleep. And because of that, your eyes are guaranteed to look puffy and will probably be hard to keep open. Opt for an eye cream that will hydrate skin, reduce the appearance of dark circles and offers a cooling effect to make you feel more awake. It’s a quick pick-me-up in the morning, night, or on the go that is sure to give you a healthy, youthful look.
Embryolisse Artist Secret Radiant Eye ($45,

Disguise Tool #4: Moisturizing Tinted Lip Balm
All that alcohol has left you with quite the dehydrated pout. After exfoliating your lips to remove any dry flakes, apply a rich, buttery lip balm. Go for one that has been formulated with natural oils to condition lips and provides long-lasting hydration. Furthermore, an option that boasts a rosy tint and glossy finish is best, as it’s an easy way to brighten up your look and appear totally revitalized.
Korres Lip Butter ($16,

Disguise Tool #5: Brow Filler
The key to hiding your hangover is to look like you had a full night’s sleep. An easy way to get that bright-eyed, bushy-tailed look? Well-defined brows. Whether yours are Delevingne-worthy or thin, sparse alternatives, try a tinted eyebrow gel. The brush will tame unruly brows while the tint will give the appearance of fuller, thicker versions. A gel filler will ensure you achieve the perfect shape, and won’t flake or fade throughout the day.
Anastasia Beverly Hills Tinted Brow Gel ($29,


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