20 Uses for Paper Cups

20 uses for paper cups

(Original story published on Thursday May 7th, 2015 on HGTV.ca.)

From the coolest party garland to a fun bridal shower chapeau, wait until you see all the easy ways you can DIY with paper cups.

20 uses for paper cups 2 party garland
1. Party Garland
Looking for a fun and inexpensive way to decorate for your next bash? Make your own garland using paper cups, string, paint, and some sort of a fringe or sparkling embellishment.
Image Courtesy of Minted.

20 uses for paper cups party garland
2. Flower Garland
Would you believe this gorgeous rose garland is made out of paper cups? Well believe it! And we love it for everything form a tea party to a wedding.
Image Courtesy of Apartment Therapy.

20 uses for paper cups lights
3. Elegant Tea Lights
Add a ladylike edge to your tea lights with Dixie cups. Who knew those little paper cups could look so good?
Image Courtesy of Hey Gorg.

20 uses for paper cups pinata
4. Mini Piñatas
Step up your party game and make mini piñatas out of paper cups.
Image Courtesy of The Chickabug Blog.

20 uses for paper cups gift box
5. Gift Box
With a little snipping, bending and tying of ribbon, you can turn a paper cup into a cute gift box.
Image Courtesy of Paper Mash Blog.

20 uses for paper cups fruit gift box
6. Fruity Gift Box
Or, choose cups in tutti fruiti shades, add some rope and a green leaf and you have sweet fruit-inspired gift boxes.
Image Courtesy of Willow Day.

20 uses for paper cups hat
7. Hat for a Costume

Help your kids play dress-up with this DIY hat made out of a paper cup, pompoms and a hair band.
Image Courtesy of Handmade Charlotte.

20 uses for paper cups crowns
8. A Crown for Dress-Up
Or, cut a paper cup into a spiky shape and attach an elastic string to it for an adorable crown. Makes a great accessory for tea time, if we do say so ourselves.
Image Courtesy of Poppytalk.

20 uses for paper cups shower hat
9. Bridal Shower Hats
Looking for a DIY for your bridal shower? Have guests make their own garden hats, made out of paper cups.
Image Courtesy of Real Simple.

20 uses for paper cups cake stand
10. DIY Tiered Cake Stand
In need of an inexpensive cake stand? Look no further. Grab a few paper cups and plates, give them a coat of paint, stack ‘em up, and load on the (light) treats.
Image Courtesy of evite.

20 uses for paper cups party cup
11. Party Cups
Turn playing paper cups into festive party décor, like these adorable versions for a little girl’s 4th birthday bash.
Image Courtesy of Oh Goodie Designs.

20 uses for paper cups popsicle mold
12. Popsicle Mold
Round up the kids! We have a fun activity ahead. Use Dixie cups to make your own homemade popsicles. Just pour in the juice, freeze, and tear away the cup.
Image Courtesy of Serious Eats.

20 uses for paper cups kid craft
13. Animal Craft
Are the kids looking for a new craft for the next rainy day? Gather the art supplies and turn those boring paper cups into fun zoo animals.
Image Courtesy of Kids Activities Blog.

20 uses for paper cups art cups
14. Artsy Cups
Lend an abstract hand to your paper cups for your next get together with friends by giving them a swipe of water colour paint.
Image Courtesy of Design Sponge.

20 uses for paper cups plant
15. Kid’s Potted Plant
Have the kids plant their own seeds and watch them grow. But first, have them decorate the paper cup that will act as the pot.
Image Courtesy of Creative Connections for Kids.

20 uses for paper cups planter
16. Plant Pot
Get out your water colour paints and give your paper cups a fresh coat to make your own standout pots for your plants.
Image Courtesy of Design Sponge.

20 uses for paper cups wall decal
17. Wall Decor
Get seriously crafty with cone paper cups and whip up this cool decal for your living quarters.
Image Courtesy of Lowes.

20 uses for paper cups holiday wreath
18. Holiday Wreath
Use paper cups to make a sleek and elegant (indoor) wreath for holiday season.
Image Courtesy of Random Creative.

20 uses for paper cups advent calendar
19. Advent Calendar
A new, cool way to make your advent calendar for the holiday season? Turn paper cups into reindeer with a few craft supplies, hang them from a string with clothes pins, and slip a little gift into each cup.
Image Courtesy of Balancing Home.

20 uses for paper cups easter cups
20. Holiday Treat Cup
With a little paint and a few craft supplies, you can turn paper cups into festive candy holders for just about any holiday celebration.
Image Courtesy of The Imagination Tree.

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