How to Throw a Canada Day Party Under $50

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Every warm and sunny day we wake up to in this typically frosty country feels like cause for a special celebration. Pair beaming rays with time off from work and the birthday of our home and native land, and you’ve got quite the excuse to plan a stellar red-and-white-themed bash.
But after scouring Pinterest for styling ideas, Food Network for Canadian-themed recipes, and the local party shop for decorations, you’ll notice a simple celebration can cost a lot more loonies than you’re willing to spend.
That’s okay! There’s still a way to throw a quaint Canada Day shindig without having to give up on all your Pinterest-inspired hopes and dreams.
From simple and reusable décor to snacks that’ll satisfy any true Canadian’s tastebuds, I threw a Canada Day party for four of my besties for under $50.

To begin, I gathered a few home décor pieces and party supplies I already owned. This included a reusable banner, snack labels (along with a chalk pen), twine for the sandwiches, platters and a crate for the display, and mercury tea lights.

For the décor, I purchased:
– Chip cups: $2
– Poutine containers: $2
– Napkins: $1
– Flowers: $7
– Sparklers: $1
= $13

For the food, I decided to serve every cliché, well-loved food Canada has to offer. This included BLTs, poutine, ketchup chips, butter tarts, and maple doughnuts. Here’s the breakdown:
– Bread, Canadian bacon, lettuce, tomatoes, and mayonnaise for BLTs: $14
– Poutine: $10
– Ketchup chips: $3
– Maple doughnuts: $5
– Butter tarts: $4
= $36

Total Cost: $49

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For the main focal point on the table, I stacked maple doughnuts on a cake stand, sitting on top of a crate. I figured they’re maple, they’re doughnuts — surely they deserve the utmost attention at a Canadian affair, right? If you’re looking to make doughnuts from scratch, try your hand at Anna Olson’s Maple Glazed Doughnuts.

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I made mini-size versions of our country’s favourite sandwich, the BLT, and lined them up on a long platter. Want to serve a heartier sandwich? Try this Fried Chicken BLT Melt recipe.

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I used twine to tie red and white striped napkins around the sandwiches for an al fresco feel.

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What Canada Day celebration would be complete without our country’s signature food, poutine? I used takeout-inspired boxes to display five mini servings of these gravy-doused, cheese topped French fries. But if you want to add a little more flair to your poutine, try making your own with Smoke’s Nacho Grande Poutine recipe.

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For a dessert that has “Made in Canada” written all over it, butter tarts are the way to go. Made with eggs, sugar, raisins, and of course, butter, this quintessential dessert features a crunchy top and super sweet filling. How could we Canucks resist? If you have a little extra time on your hands, try Anna Olson’s Pecan Butter Tarts recipe.
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Chances are you won’t be able to find ketchup chips outside of the country, so I found it quite necessary to serve Canada’s “exclusive” snack. I set out portions of ketchup chips in red and white striped, easy-to-grab cups.

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The table was accented with mercury tea lights that I used as vases to hold daisies. And of course, to continue with tradition, sparklers added the finishing touch to the celebration.


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