20 Uses for Denim

uses for denim

(Original story published on Thursday August 20th, 2015 on HGTV.ca.)

As far as our wardrobe is concerned, we rely heavily on our trusty denim pieces. So doesn’t it make sense we find even more uses for our go-to material? From eclectic potholders to a chic office organizer, we have twenty uses for denim coming your way.

uses denim lunchbag
Lunch Bag
Not a fan of the typical brown paper bag? Be good to the environment (and to your style) with a lunch bag made out of denim.
Image Courtesy of Darby Smart.

uses denim pouf
Pouf Seat
We’ve been seeing pouf seats at home décor stores for awhile, but did you know you can make your own? Just grab a few pairs of denim and check out Between Naps on the Porch to get the lowdown.
Image Courtesy of Between Naps on the Porch.

uses denim rug
Use your old denim to make a rug for your living quarters. It’s durable and pairs well with just about anything, making it an easy piece to slip into any room.
Image Courtesy of Just Stinging Along.

uses denim napkin
Add some rustic charm to your table setting with denim napkins.
Image Courtesy of Your Pocket Stylist.

uses denim foot rest
Grab a few old pairs of jeans and turn them into a cube footrest to add a cool element to your living space.
Image Courtesy of Kisflanc.

uses denim catch dish
Catch-All Dish
Turn your old denim into a small bowl to hold all your pocket essentials.
Image Courtesy of Hello Natural.

uses denim gift bows
Gift Topper
Step up your gift-wrapping game with these (reusable!) gift bows made out of denim.
Image Courtesy of Zakka Life.

uses denim whale
Stuffed Whale
For those experienced with a sewing machine, try your hand at this adorable stuffed whale made out of denim.
Image Courtesy of Valaan Villapaita.

uses denim office organizer
Office Organizer
Lend a cool edge to your office space by creating this hanging organizer for your desktop essentials.
Image Courtesy of Handmade Charlotte.

uses denim desk organizer
Another Office Organizer
Or, create this smaller version to keep your essentials tidy and compact.
Image Courtesy of DIY Enthusiasts.

uses denim pencil holder
Pencil Holder
Turn an old pair of jeans into a cup, perfect for storing your writing utensils.
Image Courtesy of Makezine.

uses denim potholder
Add some rustic charm to your kitchen by turning your old jeans into potholders.
Image Courtesy of Aarnilintu.

uses denim charging station
Charging Station
Charge your phone without the tripping hazard by creating this charging station out of an old jean pocket.
Image Courtesy of Etsy.

uses denim cushions
Update your seating with cushions made out of your old jeans.
Image Courtesy of Etsy.

uses denim project bag
Bag for Projects
Ensure your kids get their project board to school in one piece with this cylinder bag made out of an old pair of jeans.
Image Courtesy of Between Naps on the Porch.

uses denim headband
Have an old pair of stretchy jeans? Turn them into a denim headband.
Image Courtesy of Three Mustard Seeds.

uses denim pouch
Use the back pockets of old jeans to make denim pouches, perfect for storing your on-the-go essentials.
Image Courtesy of Etsy.

uses denim dog chew toy
Chew Toy
Whip up a durable chew toy for your BFF with an old pair of jeans.
Image Courtesy of Instructables.

uses denim dog bone
Dog Bones
To make an easy DIY for your number one fan, turn an old pair of jeans into a few dog bones you know he’ll love.
Image Courtesy of Burly Shirts.

uses denim hearts
Heart Decorations
Perfect as a Christmas ornament or a present topper, these denim hearts are great for adding a rustic touch.
Image Courtesy of It’s a Makkie.

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