How to Pull Off the Newest (& Weirdest) Denim Trends

denim trends two tone jeans

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Denim will always be a hot trend, and for that reason, we know our wardrobe wouldn’t be complete without a few winning styles. But, the time has finally come when our much-loved skinnies are kind of losing their cool, and we’re getting tired of the now overplayed look. Luckily, this season is  bringing with it a plethora of new styles.

Now they aren’t as easy to pull off as our tried-and-true skinnies, but we’ve put together an easy how-to guide to show you how you can rock this season’s hottest (and strangest) denim trends.

denim trends two tone jeans
The Trend: Contrast Hem
Blogger Mary Seng wears cropped, wide-legged jeans that boast a two-tone effect with a tucked-in blouse and chelsea ankle boots.

denim trends two tone
Shop: Contrast Hem
Having difficulty choosing which shade of denim to slip on? Choose one with a contrast hem. This two-tone pant, commonly seen paired with wide, cropped legs, will kick any basic styles to the curb. Try Level 99’s Sally Gaucho Jeans (US $128).

denim trends frayed jeans instagram
The Trend: Frayed Hems
Paired with her voluminous jeans, Mary Seng adds a tank with frayed hems, and teams the denim-on-denim look with strappy heels and cool shades.

denim trends aritzia dress
Shop: Frayed Hems
Whether choosing pants, skirts, tops, or a dress, frayed hems have been spotted everywhere. It’s a subtle way to rock the distressed look without the typical rips and tears as seen on your boyfriend jeans and cut-offs. Try Wilfred’s Nori Dress ($95).

denim trends frye
Pair with: Chelsea ankle boot
For your cropped styles with a contrast hem, and your frayed hem numbers, choose a trusty Chelsea ankle boot, like Frye’s Jillian Chelsea Boot ($402).

denim trends skirt intagram
The Trend: A-Line Button Down Skirt
Do like blogger Mary Seng and embrace a button-down denim skirt. Team it with a chunky skirt and sneakers for a winning, functional look.

denim trends button skirt
Shop: A-Line Button Down Skirts
Denim skirts are back this fall, and this short, button-down style can easily be paired with tights and ankle boots in the colder months ahead. Try BDG’s Denim Button-Front Skirt ($42).

denim trends overalls
The Trend: Overalls
The Blonde Salad, a.k.a superstar blogger Chiara Ferragni teams her denim overalls with a chunky, turtleneck sweater and boho-inspired accessories.

denim trends old navy overalls
Shop: Overalls
Those overalls you invested in at the beginning of the year are still going strong. Need a new pair? Grab Old Navy’s Denim Overalls ($45).

denim trends adidas runners
Pair with: Tennis shoes
Lend a sporty touch to your denim skirt and overalls with a pair of Adidas’s Women’s Superstar Shoes ($100).

denim trends skirt
The Trend: Denim Pencil Skirt
The New York Times captured this look at fashion week, where a show-goer donned a denim pencil skirt with a white turtleneck, striped topped, and envelope clutch for a super chic look.

denim trends club monaco pencil
Shop: Denim Pencil Skirt
As if we didn’t think this season’s trends couldn’t get anymore ’90s-inspired, out comes the resurgence of the denim pencil skirt. Dress it up with a silk cami, or down with a chunky knit. Try Club Monaco’s McGuire Marino Skirt ($209).

denim trends flared denim
The Trend: High-Waisted Flares
Do like Blair Eadie and try a pair of high-waisted flared jeans. Team them with stripes and a silk scarf for a nautical look.

denim trends urban
Shop: High-Waisted Flares
We’ve seen this ’70s trend pop in and out of street style photos for years now, and it looks like it’s back once again. Channel your inner boho child (or Rachel Zoe) with a pair featuring a button-down fly and flares that cover your shoes. Try BDG’s Morrison High-Rise Flare Jean ($74).

denim trends zara boot
Pair with: Chunky ankle boots
For your tight pencil skirts and high-waisted flares, try a pair of chunky ankle boots for added height. We love Zara’s High Heel Leather Ankle Boot ($139).

denim trends patchwork denim
The Trend: Patchwork
Always one to take fashion risks, we’re loving Chiara Ferragni‘s rugged patchwork denim paired with silky, wavy locks.

denim trends zara patch
Shop: Patchwork
Add extra depth to any look by slipping on a pair of patchwork denim, preferably in a boyfriend style. Try Zara’s Mid-Rise Boyfriend Jeans ($70).

denim trends voluminous pants insta
The Trend: Voluminous denim
Opt for a voluminous pair of jeans, and if they’re too long, do like Blair Eadie and fold them up to wear with flats.

denim trends netaporter
Shop: Voluminous denim
For a style that’s quite new to this season, a voluminous, cropped pair of jeans is a refreshing way to change up your look. We love Steve J & Yoni P’s Denim Culottes ($361).

denim trends jcrew shoes
Pair with: Lace-up flats
Bring a ladylike touch to your rugged patchwork denim and voluminous styles with a pair of strappy flats, like J.Crew’s Glitter Lace-Up Flats ($213).

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