5 Genius Ways to Incorporate Tea Into Your Beauty Routine


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Blame it on our ambitious desire to continuously seek out improvements to our lives (read: envy those picture-perfect Insta-stars a little less), but we seem to be addicted to uncovering the latest ground-breaking upgrades to our beauty routines. We mean, can’t our hair can always be silkier, complexions clearer, and lashes longer? But with every new product boasting “revolutionary” ingredients we buy, the results are pretty much the same – not so remarkable and not so noticeable.

But because we’ve come to accept the fact that we’ll never be able to sit still in the beauty world, we’re excited to embrace the next big craze with open hands–tea. But this trendy, not-new ingredient isn’t like the others–it’s not some hard to pronounce word with somewhat outrageous promises. Tea’s natural, gentle and boasts countless health benefits we’re well familiar with.

Ahead, we’re highlighting five ways to incorporate tea into your beauty routine, from drinking a cup every day to soothe redness, to making a glow-inducing face mask. And hey, who knows: perhaps the miraculous beauty ingredient we’ve been looking for has been in our monogrammed teacups all along.

Click here to view five ways to use tea in your beauty routine.


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