5 Surprising Ways to Use Oil and Vinegar in Your Beauty Routine


(Original story published on February 9, 2016 on

If you haven’t included oils and vinegars into your beauty routine yet, consider yourself the odd one out. In the past five years, sales of such products for skin and hair benefits have tripled. So, why are we all obsessing? Because they’re generally less expensive than the raved-about department store variety, they’re natural, and they work.

But, things can easily get complicated. Take the coconut oil hype for example. Rubbing it all over your bod may be a marvelous way to moisturize naturally, but many dermatologists will advise you to keep it far away from your face. The hidden detriment to this soothing, hydrating, tropical island-smelling product is that it’s non-comedogenic—meaning it will clog your pores, which will lead to blackheads, breakouts, and you being miserable.

Before you get overwhelmed with all the specifics behind incorporating natural products into your skincare regime, we have something that can help. Ahead, a simple hit list that identifies the best natural solutions to use for all five of your major skin woes. From erasing brown spots to minimizing the signs of aging, flip through the gallery for our top picks of the five natural oils and vinegars you can safely and confidently add to your beauty shelf.



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