Rest Your Pretty Little Head on the 5 Pillowcases You Didn’t Know You Needed


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The term “beauty sleep” is kind of misleading. Because it’s not like getting eight hours of sleep means you’ll wake up looking like Gigi—it just means you won’t wake up looking like a red-eyed zombie. Unless you have a magical silk pillowcase, that is.

These soft, simple pillow covers have the ability to help heal your most daunting beauty issues overnight. It’s our daily dream: hiding under the covers from our problems and waking up with them solved.

Now, you’ve probably heard of the benefits of silk pillowcases before. But if you’re like us, you haven’t realized that there’s a specific version on the market that targets your own particular beauty blunder. Ahead, the five pillowcases made to tend to all your skin and hair needs. From preventing the signs of aging to playing a critical role in your lazy-girl lifestyle, these upgraded bedroom necessities will make getting your beauty sleep a more promising thing.

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