9 Gifts You’d Never Buy for Yourself But Would Love to Receive


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Thanks to modern axioms like #treatyoself and #yolo, we can guiltlessly buy ourselves any decadent treat or expensive designer gem under the notion that we deserve it. That waffle ice cream cone? Your Instagram page is lacking without it. Those fur-trimmed Gucci leather slippers? You can’t call yourself a fashion girl without them. All of the latest sheet masks? Skincare, as Shopaholic character Becky Bloomwood would say, “is a basic human right.”

And yet, there are some covetable purchases that we hold back on making, usually because grander, trendier and more time-sensitive items creep their way to the top of our shopping lists. These items are typically timeless and practical purchases that really should take priority over, say, a bright pink faux fur topper or a pair of overpriced fishnets. But, good news for your family members who hate shopping for you: These sidelined items make easy gifts we’re guaranteed to love.

From classic wardrobe additions to home and beauty upgrades, swipe through the slideshow for 9 items you’ve been waiting for someone to buy you.


  1. A classic everyday bracelet. Push your statement jewellery to the side and welcome elegant pieces you can wear everyday into your jewellery box—like Catbird’s Tiny Corsage Bracelet. (Catbird bracelet, US $220)


  1. A pretty coffee table book you’ll actually read. You have the books you buy because they just look nice, the books you actually peruse, and then the books that are both. Enter: Chic Stays by Condé Nast Traveler. (Assouline book, $85)


  1. A warm scarf in millennial pink. Take a break from the silk scarf you’ve been tying around your neck for the past few months—the winter temps are demanding a heavy wool one anyway. This pink option from Acne Studios will bring some originality to your all-black winter attire. (Acne Studios scarf, $240)


  1. The chicest, most photographed candle ever. This candle will fill your space when a romantic scent. And when you’ve used it all up, do like the bloggers on Instagram and use the glass jar as a makeup brush holder (Diptyque candle, $84)


  1. A pillowcase that will prevent you from waking up with bedhead. Not only will this silk pillowcase cut down on your morning primping minutes, but it’ll also help prevent wrinkles. (Slip pillowcase, $105)


  1. A crazy-pricey hairbrush that will do wonders for your mane and you’ll have forever. The thing about a good hairbrush is that it’ll help keep your locks healthy and prevent damage, and you’ll have it forever—which makes the hefty price tag on this cult-fave brush a little easier to justify. (Mason Pearson brush, $205)


  1. A sexy chemise that you know every woman deserves to own but you still don’t. Your ex’s old tee might be comfy, but chances are it doesn’t look as good as it feels. But, once you slip on a silk chemise like this one, you won’t want to sleep in anything else ever again. (La Perla chemise, $455)


  1. A curling wand that will give you three different types of waves. Whether you feel like having loose waves, tight curls, or beachy texture, one device can help you get them all. This three-in-one curling iron is a helpful tool to have at home and to take with you on your travels. (T3 curling iron, $350)


  1. A timeless evening bag you’ll forever reach for. An iconic bag that you can wear to dinner, a wedding, and everything in between is something you need in your closet. (Gucci bag, $1070)

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