Why Crystals and Other At-Home Natural Healers Are Currently Trending

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Happiness, prosperity and love could be just a stone, an herb or a rattle dance away.

From celebrities’ obsessions with healing crystals to the fashion set’s attraction to modern magic to influencers’ reliance on spiritual healers and energy practitioners, many appear to be inspired to “think mystically for guidance,” as put by Sean Monahan in The New York Times. This surge in the fascination with metaphysics, folk medicine and natural magic, Monahan explains, is triggered by shared feelings of an uncertain future and the desire to resort to magic to bring on the good vibes.

Smudging is being used to ward off negativity in homes, rose quartz crystals are being toted around to enhance love lives and shamans are being sought out to provide relief from stress, depression and anxiety using wooden rattles. No matter your concern, there’s an otherworldly treatment that could help you feel and live better.

Whether you’re into the whole mystical healing thing or see it as another granola-approved trend, it seems wrong to completely ignore a concept that could bring positive energy your way. So, why not hop on the natural magic bandwagon with the rest of the pro-“woo-woo” community to cleanse the negativity out of your life and attract more happiness, prosperity and love?

Below, we’ve rounded up the top crystals and herbs that are the least weird and most popular natural magic practices today that can help you find balance in your life, strengthen your relationships and manifest success.

WHITE SAGE: This powerful and sacred plant is commonly used for smudging — the burning of the herb in which the smoke gathers and dispels negativity in the home and on the body and welcomes positivity. It helps aid emotional, mental, spiritual and physical imbalances. (White Sage Smudging Stick, Amazon, $20.)

ROSE QUARTZ: Dubbed “the love stone,” rose quartz brings just that into your life, through romantic, platonic and unconditional relationships. Aside from amping up the love in your life, the stone can also increase self-esteem and self-worth, soothe internalized pain, lower stress levels and promote forgiveness. (Raw Rose Quartz, The Hoodwitch, $6–22US.)

CITRINE: This cheery yellow stone helps manifest happiness, success, health and prosperity. It can also assist with the recovery of depression, encourage generosity and help tame mood swings. (Natural Raw Citrine Cluster, Etsy, $15.)

AMETHYST: Known for being one of the most effective stones for healing people, amethyst is commonly used to help the home become and remain a clean and positive environment. The stone soothes the nervous system, enhances spirituality, fosters selflessness and can even help cure insomnia. (Amethyst Cluster, The Hoodwitch, $12US.)

APOPHYLLITE: Aside from being used for psychic guidance, apophyllite is also used for enhancing creativity, reducing anxiety and fear, and encouraging acceptance. It can assist with planning for the future and helps one forget any negativities from the past in order to do so. (Apophyllite Crystal Specimen, Amazon, $8.)

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