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    20 Apps that Will Save You Money

    (Original story published on Wednesday January 27th, 2015 on Sure, your phone may not help with your procrastination issues (thank you Instagram, Candy Crush, Tinder, etc.) but that doesn’t mean…


    20 Ways to Save Money this Year

    (Original story published on Wednesday January 21st, 2015 on The holidays were great – the time off work, the parties, the gifts… but we can’t forget the debt that came…

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    Brilliant Stocking Stuffers Under $25

    (Original story published on Monday November 24th, 2014 on What was once the home to the gifts you needed more than the gifts you wanted – socks, dental floss, a…

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    10 Signs You’re a Bad Party Guest

    (Original story published on Friday November 21st, 2014 on If you’ve ever hosted a party, you’re well aware of the pressure, responsibility and stress that comes along with trying to make…

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    The Most Outrageous Gifts Money Can Buy

    (Original story published on Monday November 19th, 2014 on While most of us would be quite happy receiving say, a J.Crew gift card or the latest iPhone for the holidays,…

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    Twenty Common Mistakes Every Hostess Makes

    (Original story published on Friday November 7th, 2014 on With all the hard work you put in organizing, planning and prepping for a dinner party, it’s all too easy to…

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    Best Rom-Coms to Watch this Valentine’s

    (Original story published on Monday February 10th, 2014 on No matter where our love lives take us, we always know we’ll be okay thanks to the likes of Molly Ringwald, Julia Roberts,…

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    Why We Love Jennifer Lawrence

      (Below is an article I did for Slice on Monday February 3rd. Scroll down to read the article, and check out the original on It’s been labelled as The Jennifer…

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    Top 6 Fiction Books to Read Now

    (Original story published on Monday January 27th, 2014 on Looking for a reason to stay indoors on these horrifically chilly winter days? We’ve got six. For those times you simply can’t…